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Holyoke, Edward - 1979 Interview

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Edward Holyoke begins his interview describing his education in Chadron, Lincoln and Omaha. He details starting to teach anatomy because of the Great Depression and offers his opinions on Poynter’s leadership and the division of responsibility on campus. He discusses the layout of the physical campus including recreation spaces. He talks about fraternity life and other student organizations as well as the evolution of the University Hospital units during the Depression. He mentions his committee involvement and the accelerated curriculum during World War II. He compares the accelerated curriculum to the three-year program and its effects on the basic sciences. Holyoke describes the change from volunteer faculty to full-time faculty and power struggles between the administration at UNMC and Lincoln. He details construction and campus expansion funded by the Public Works Administration. He discusses moving Colleges from Lincoln to the UNMC campus. Holyoke concludes his interview by describing his role on the Executive Faculty committee and the status of the Poynter Foundation.


Transcript of interview


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