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Brett-Major, David

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Brett-Major begins his interview describing his educational background leading to a focus in tropical public health and his Naval career working in the Caribbean and West Africa. He details his experiences working with Ebola in Africa. He discusses his motivations, experience, and lessons learned from his book about Ebola. He details retiring from the U.S. Navy and moving into academia for research. He describes his prior work with UNMC staff in Africa and reflects on Ebola responses in the United States versus Africa. Brett-Major discusses his recruitment to UNMC and the connection between academic and clinical sides of campus as well as his initial research plans. He details his role during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the creation of an ethics board. He provides an overview of the initial COVID-19 actions and patients on campus, the creation of the Clinical Characterization Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection (CCPSEI), and the stamina and workload for all involved. He describes scaling the COVID-19 response in the hospital and the involved departments, particularly crediting financial and administrative sections. Brett-Major describes the effects of the pandemic on his family and reflects on his personal career experiences preparing him for COVID. He discusses the nation’s response and attitudes to public health and its marketing. Brett-Major concludes his interview by detailing his future career and research plans as well as his role in the creation of the COVID-19 Pandemic Pre-Review Research Committee.

Transcript of an interview with Dr. David Brett-Major.

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