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003 - Omaha Medical College

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In Folder: Campus Photographs


"Omaha Medical College 1894 Anatomy Dissecting room." Figures in photograph unidentified. CREDIT - Copy from 14th annual announcement of Omaha Medical College 1894-95


"Omaha Medical College Caption Blocks Presentation Ceremony 11/28/55. Presented to University of Nebraska College of Medicine." "'Medical' 53" long, 4 1/2" deep, 18" height. 'Omaha' 51 1/4" long, 5 1/2" deep, 18" height. 'College' 57 1/2" long, 6" deep, 18" height." "Left: F.L. Dunn, M.D. Center: M. Morseman. Right: (near stone) J. Cerry Tollereau, Dean, College of Medicine."


"Omaha Medical College 1900 Football Team." "Left to Right, back row: Dickinson, Jungbluth [1903], Carlile [1902], D.T. Lee (Manager) [D. A. Lee 1902], Lemar [1902], Chambers [1903], Haller. Middle row: Sutart [1904], Griffith, Karr [Kerr 1902], Moore (Captain), McDowell [1902]. Front row: Smith [1901], Tornholm [1902], Platt [1903], Allen [1904]." Marginalia collected with photograph erroneously indicates Daniel Allen Lee, class of 1902, as the team's manager. Omaha Medical College Pulse, Volume 04, Number 3, 1900, indicates Daniel Francis Lee (a 1900-1901 matriculate) as the actual manager.


"Omaha Medical College. Four of the eight graduates in class of 1882." The graduates pictured are Dr. Urban H. Norris, Dr. Werner Hemstead, Dr. Fred D. Haldeman, and Dr. George V. Ellis. CREDIT - Copy of original photo given to University of Nebraska College of Medicine Library by Dr. Hempstead[sic]


Omaha Medical College Building 1893.

"Omaha Medical College 1890? This is the frame building built on southwest corner of 11th and Mason at time College incorporated in 1881... and removed to northwest corner 12th and Pacific in 1886.

"Omaha Medical College 1894. Corner in student lobby." CREDIT - from Omaha Medical College 14th annual announcements for 1894-1895


"Omaha Medical College 1894. Section of chemical laboratory." Figures in photograph are unidentified. CREDIT - Copy from 14th Annual Announcement of Omaha Medical College - 1894-95


"Omaha Medical College 1900. Pathology Lab in 1899 Building." CREDIT - From Omaha Medical College Circular information 1900-01 and Omaha Medical College PULSE May 1901 volume 4 number 8


"Omaha Medical College Building. Students in front. 1893."

Omaha Medical College Building 1899. With 1899 addition to the building at 12th and Pacific.

"Omaha Medical College Building 1920. When total University of Nebraska College of Medicine located at 42nd and Dewey, Omaha, the Omaha Medical College building was closed, torn down in the early 1930's (?)." CREDIT - Western Heritage Museum - Omaha


"Omaha Medical College caption blocks over doorway 1899 building. Purchased in 1954 by Dr. F.L. Dunn from wrecking company and given to Omaha-Douglas County Medical Society with understanding they present them to University of Nebraska College of Medicine." "Donated to the College of Medicine by Dr. F.L. Dunn July 1965."


"Omaha Medical College Faculty 1897." Pictured: Dr. Ewing Brown, Dr. B.B. Davis, Judge W.W. Keysor, Dr. O.S. Hoffman, Dr. W.F. Milroy, Dr. Donald Macrae, Jr., Dr. W.H. Christie, Dr. J.E. Summers, Jr., Dr. A.F. Jonas, Dr. W.R. Lavender, Dr. A.W. Edmiston, Dr. H. B. Lowry, Dr. Harold Gifford, Dr. R.C. Moore, Dr. C.C. Allison, Dr. H.M. McClanahan, Dr. H.B. Wilson, Dr. F.S. Owen, Dr. F.M. Mueller, Dr. J.C. Denise, Dr. W.O. Bridges, Dr. E.W. Chase, Dr. A.K. Detwiler, Dr. Donald Macrae, Sr., Dr. W.S. Gibbs


Omaha Medical College 1894. Surgical Clinic

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