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"Early Downtown Omaha circa 1874. Union Pacific first railroad bridge across Missouri completed 1873." CREDIT - Joslyn Art Museum


"Nebraska 1882, Covered Waggon [Wagon] Train." "Ruby Rivers and family arriving in Carbon county, Wyoming. Taken by F. M. Baker on flat between Elk Mountain P. O. and Mill Creek on Overland Trail." CREDIT - Union Pacific Museum Collection


"East and West Shaking Hands at Laying Last Rail - After the last spike had been driven at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869, the locomotives of the Union Pacific (Number 119, on the right) and Central Pacific (the Jupiter, on the left) were moved forward until their pilots touched and were then christened with bottles of wine. Shaking hands in the enter are chief engineer for the Union Pacific, Grenville M. Dodge, and Central Pacific's counterpart, Samuel S. Montague (left). A. J. Russell Photo." CREDIT - Union Pacific Railroad Museum Collection


"First Territorial Capitol of Nebraska 9th and Douglas Streets, Omaha." "This photo is of a drawing of the building at 9th and Douglas which served as capitol before move to Capitol Hill." "Harold W. Becker in Sun (His picture first Territorial Capitol building from: "History of Nebraska" by Professor James C. Olson, published 1966, University of Nebraska Press.)" CREDIT - Union Pacific Museum Collection


"Omaha 1865 Steamboat Landing .. on Missouri River." CREDIT - Union Pacific Museum Collection


"Omaha 1867, Looking east from Capitol Hill. (Harold W. Becker dates this circa 1867). Original print borrowed and returned to Douglas County Historical Society."


"Omaha 1867, view from Capitol Hill eastward toward the river. Meredith House in center - later the resident of Dr. Larimore Conover Denise, born in this house (deceased March, 1966). Son of Jacob Conover Denise, M.D." "1867 (1868 at least) mansard roof house on southwest corner 19th and Dodge. Derived from the Sun Newspaper." CREDIT Joslyn Art Museum


1967-02-09 - "Douglas westward from 14th Street. Little building (right) behind trees has been succeeded by Omaha Theatre. Corner house beyond it sits where Woolworths now rised [sic]. On 16th, church (left) has been supplanted by Baker Shoe Store, across alley from the Brandeis store. Across 16th from the church, the large building partially seen at right was occupied by both city and county offices. Other tall structure to left of church was a home. It gave way to New York Life Building in 1888 which still stands, occupied by Omaha Hat. Bank. Picture taken 1868, territory capitol on hill. Nebraska had become state the year before and Lincoln wrested capital status from Omaha. $100,000 Territorial Building was torn down and Central High School eventually grew on its site." CREDIT Union Pacific Museum Collection


Omaha 1868 Douglas north-westward from 15th Street. Territorial capitol in upper right corner. Purchased from Joslyn Art Museum 1980-09-11. CREDIT Joslyn Art Museum


"Omaha 1871, Looking northwest from 15th and Farnam." "View of Omaha High School from downtown." CREDIT - Joslyn Art Museum


"Omaha 1899, Union Station." "This station was dedicated 12-1-1899 and served until construction of the recent station in February 1931." CREDIT - Union Pacific Museum Collection


"Union Station. Omaha. With steam locomotive below 10th Street viaduct. Circa 1901-1905 (Joseph Elam Stimson photograph)." CREDIT - Union Pacific Museum Collection


"4113-15-17 Farnam street. One person killed in each home, Miss Mable McBride, Mr. Archer and Mr. A. Y. Peck." "Omaha tornado of March 23, 1913." CREDIT - Union Pacific Museum Collection


"Nebraska 1906 Second State Capitol Lincoln." "Built about 1889." CREDIT - Nebraska State Historical Society


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