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Hetzner, Bernice

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Bernice Hetzner begins her interview describing her early interest and work in librarianship in high school and attending college during the Great Depression. She details her early career in the Omaha Public School District, Los Angeles County Public Schools and New York Public Libraries before returning to Nebraska during World War II. She discusses the state and structure of the UNMC library in the 1940s, how it was attached to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and its relationship with the Dean at UNMC. She describes budget and structural conflicts with the librarians at UNL. She details the effects of the Medical Library Assistance Act (1965), influential mentors of hers and fundraising efforts. She discusses shifting financial control of the library to UNMC and how federal-level disagreements tied up potential construction funds. She details becoming the administrator of the Midcontinental Regional Medical Library (1968). Hetzner discusses coordinating construction of the new library with that of the Basic Sciences Building, fundraising efforts, McGoogan’s involvement and details of the move itself (1970). She describes her work as a consultant and her activities in the Medical Library Association (MLA) during retirement. She concludes her interview by giving her opinion of Cecil Wittson and her efforts to update The History of Medicine in Nebraska.


Transcript of an interview with Bernice M. Hetzner. The interview discusses the history of the medical library at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in the mid-twentieth century.


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