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021 - University Hospital Units 1 & 2

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"Women's Ward Unit I (labelled OB Ward in '29 Caduceus). Photo 1927 or 1928." Unidentified patients and nurses in the ward.

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"East Operating Room Unit I 5th floor, 1917." "Photo probably taken 1927." "East Operating Room 1929 Caduceus page 72." "Lights changed after 1928-29 so those pictured are the original Unit I lights."

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"Occupational Therapy 1927 (Corridor between Units I and II)." Unidentified patients and nurse sitting at tables in Occupational Therapy area. CREDIT - Dewell, November 15, 1927


"Pediatric Ward Unit II Christmas 1928?" Unidentified patients and nurses pictured.

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University Hospital Unit I on the left, built in 1917, with Unit II on the right, built in 1927.


University Hospital Unit I on the left, built in 1917, and Unit II on the right, built in 1927, viewed from the north. CREDIT - Dewell September 20, 1927


"Hall of Unit II decorated for Christmas 1928."


"University hospital, remodeling of Unit II, particularly the elevators to high speed. Picture shows workman removing concrete footing plus the steel column which would extend into the new elevator pit. 1-4-62."


Ward O in 1964.


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