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072 - Internal Medicine Department

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In Folder: Campus Photographs

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A close up image of Robert Eliot (right) and two men seated on the set of the last episode of "Heartline to Health." The logo without the title is visible in the background.


Robert Eliot (right) and two other men sit in a TV studio filming the last episode of "Heartline to Health". A camera and cameraman are in the left foreground.


Robert Eliot and Helen Starke rehearse for "Heartline to Health" behind a desk. Janet Stuckey, the producer, stands in the center of the image with a clipboard. Film crew from UNO check lighting and camera views.


Robert Eliot (right) is seated on the set of the last episode of "Heartline to Health" with two other men. A shadow of a woman is in the right foreground.


Staff of the Internal Medicine Department sit posed in three rows. J. Perry Tollman (in black) and Mary Jo Henn are seated in the front row.


Staff of the Internal Medicine Department stand posed on the steps of University Hospital.


Helen Starke an Barry Dzindzio from the Cardio Vascular Center confer over files, possibly related to "Heartline to Health". Used in 100 Years pg. 103.


Vernon Ward (student) studies an x-ray with R.F. Sievers (preceptor) of Blair, NE. Used in 100 Years pg. 76.


Vernon Ward answers the telephone in the office of his preceptor, R.F. Sievers. He is seated in a striped bathrobe.


Vernon Ward inserts a needle in an older woman's vein to draw blood.


Vernon Ward stands and reads a journal in his preceptor, R.F. Sievers', office.


Vernon Ward examines a baby's ear while a nurse steadies the child.


Louis Burgher, (left) 3rd year medical student, listens to a woman's back with a stethoscope. Robert Wigton, (center) 4th year medical student, and Dennis Lower, (right) resident, confer over a file. Image taken in the women's internal medicine ward on the south end of Unit I of the University Hospital for a PR publication per Wigton (12/2/2010).


Vernon Ward carries his medical bag as he exits the practice.


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