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067 - Anatomy Department

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Rose Reynolds, John Latta, and Edward Holyoke share a drink at the South Building canteen.


Two students, one African American, in the dissection area of the anatomy lab. Skeleton models are in visible in the background. Used in 100 Years pg. 88.


Several photocopies of images from Barbara Churchill's photographs (see 32B-2) depicting the anatomy lab in use with female students. Bottom left image of "hen medics" with a skeleton in pre-med at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Top right image was used in Omaha Magazine. Bottom right image of Mulligan and Lorne Davidson at the dissecting table.


Metcalf, Holyoke, and Latta pose with the portrait of Poynter, chairmen of the Department of Anatomy from 1916-1991.


Manuel Grodinsky examines the hand and wrist of a skeleton with Cochran in the gross anatomy lab. Hermann is in the foreground and Spradling (right) and Glenn (left) observe Cochran in the background. Used in A Half Century of Memories pg. 7


Max Karrer and Mayer Moskovitz discuss anatomy with Ed Holyoke. The men stand in front of a diagram of the head and neck on a chalkboard while examining a skeleton. Used in 100 Years pg. 64.


Bernard Magid and another student study anatomy with a blackboard mannequin and chalk. Used in 100 Years pg. 72.


John Latta and Linda McFarland work at an electron microscope. Used in 100 Years pg. 88.


Photocopy of an image of John Latta using a microscope. Taken by the Omaha World-Herald.

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Students, including one woman, study skull anatomy using models.


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