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005 - University of Nebraska College of Medicine Campus 1913-1968

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"University of Nebraska College of Medicine 1952 Omaha Campus" "Architectural Drawing." "Existing 1952 - A: North Laboratory, B: South Laboratory, C: Hospital Unit 1, D: Hospital Unit 2, E: Nurses Home. Proposed - F: Nurses Home, G: 150 Bed Hospital, H: Class Rooms, I: Library & Student Activities, J: Medical Center Auditorium, K: University Clinic, Laboratories & Research, L: Admissions & Emergency." CREDIT - Office of Public Relations UNCM


Views of the 1954 University of Nebraska College of Medicine scale model from different directions

Scale model, 1954, with addition of Doctor's Building, Memorial Research Lab, Children's Complex having been made on model. 1955.

Clinic Building (Ambulatorium) circa 1975. 10-02-77 Dedicated

A proposed rendering of the College of Nursing, in color, circa 1973, from Dana Larson Roubal and Associates.


College of Pharmacy rendering circa 1974. Created by Wilscam and Mullins, Inc. Architecture - Omaha.


A sketch of the proposed Nebraska Lions Eye Institute

"Plans for University of Nebraska College of Medicine Omaha Campus. Formulated circa 1915. Date on drawing - 1921." "Latenser campus plan information: From Charles W.M. Poynter manuscript ("History of the Omaha Medical College"): "In 1909 the legislature appropriated $20,000 to purchase campus site which was selected at 42nd Dewey Avenue. The 1911 Legislature provided $100,000 for a college building. Dean (Henry) Ward felt that a uniform building program should be adopted, so the architects Shipley, Ratan, and Coulige (Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge) of Boston were engaged to draw up a campus plan and furnish blue prints for the north building to be four stories high and of steel construction and was for the first ten years to house all of the college. It was finished in 1913 and in the fall the school was moved from Lincoln and set up in the new building. In the original campus plan provision was made for a 500 bed teaching hospital consisting of five units. In 1915 $150,000 was appropriated for the first unit. John Latenser & Sons were engaged to draw the plans and have since been in charge of all campus building." "From conversation with William Latenser: -- September 1980, of William Latenser & Associates, Omaha - campus plan drawn by John Latenser, Sr. (William Latenser's grandfather), probably about 1915. (Not drawn by a Latenser for his Ph.D. project, as far as William knows.) -- A large colored rendering of this plan once hung on the College of medicine Campus. Mr. William Latenser says it is now at W. Latenser & Associates [one also in the collection of the McGoogan Library of Medicine as of 2013-2-26]. 1915, according to Poynter manuscript was when this plan was formulated. Drawn up by John Latenser, Sr., 1921. Date in the lower left hand corner of original drawing is 1921."


"Proposed Basic Science Building and Library of Medicine." 1966

Two presentations of the proposed Eppley Hall of Science

Proposed area and building for the Eppley Institute for Research.

"Nebraska Psychiatric Institute (as proposed) 1952." CREDIT - John Latenser & Sons Architects-Engineers


Proposed student center, designed by Dana Larson Roubal and Associates, Architects

Proposed building and interior sketches for University Hospital Unit III

"Proposed Hospital circa 1966 from southwest." "University of Nebraska College of Medicine proposed hospital and clinic expansion Omaha, Nebraska. Henningson, Durham & Richardson Architects, Engineers, Omaha, Nebraska." CREDIT - Architectural Arts, Los Angeles, California


"University of Nebraska College of Medicine 1963 42nd and Dewey Campus." "1963 plan for campus."

"University of Nebraska College of Medicine 1965 Omaha Campus." "1965 Wittson Master Plan for campus development (not a photo print)."


"University of Nebraska College of Medicine Omaha Campus. Clarkson completed 1955." "Shows proposed Clarkson Hospital building location relative to Nebraska Medical Center buildings." CREDIT - Office of Public Relations UNCM


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