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078 - Obstetrics & Gynecology

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A newly delivered baby is carried to a nearby table. A clamp is visible on the umbilical cord. The draped figure of the mother is visible in the background as are two men in scrubs and masks.

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A doctor on crutches looks in a newborn's mouth on a side table draped with a blanket.

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Two nurses, Jean Schropfer (right) sit on benches and feed babies from bottles. Two other babies in incubators are visible in the background.

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George W. Orr instructs at a chalkboard while four residents are seated in the foreground.


View of the Sage Room on Ward E. Bed is on the left side with a lamp, a metal cabinet in the center under the window, and a chair on the right side.


Joseph C. Scott, Jr. and resident James Cadallader examine a pelvic model as part of the OB/GYN post doctoral program.


Joseph C. Scott, Jr., stands at a table while two residents are seated. They are examining a pelvic model together.


A film camera and operator next to windows at the filming of "Birth of a Baby" for ETV. Operator is in scrubs with headphones on.


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