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Glenn, Emily & Angela Vasa

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Glenn and Vasa begin their joint interview by describing their backgrounds, education and starting at UNMC. They discuss how LGBTQ allyship and support have increased over the years, the origins of the Employee Alliance and early administrative support for the group. They detail the early goals of the group and how the differences between Nebraska Medicine and UNMC shaped those goals. Glenn and Vasa describe the group’s involvement in the chosen name policy, the challenges created by scope creep and distanced events during the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss serving the group’s members versus the institution as a whole, mentorship and representing UNMC in the wider Omaha community. Glenn and Vasa describe redirecting negative reactions to the Employee Alliance into education opportunities and the evolution and structure of leadership positions in the group. They detail activism and visibility on and off campus as well as participation and growth in the Pride parade. Glenn and Vasa conclude their interview describing their goals for the group in the Omaha community and how their involvement has impacted them personally.

Transcript of an interview with Emily Glenn and Angela Vasa

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